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Discover Antep Kitchen: Taste Gaziantep in Oxford

Welcome to Antep Kitchen, where the vibrant flavors of Gaziantep (Antep) cuisine come to life in the heart of Oxford. For years, we've been immersed in the culinary excellence of Gaziantep, a place renowned for its exquisite dishes. At our family-owned restaurant, we are dedicated to sharing these authentic Turkish flavors in a warm and inviting atmosphere

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About us

For many years Gaziantep (Antep) cuisine has held a privilege place amongst the greatest dishes in the world. Growing up in Gaziantep (Antep) we were always surrounded by incredible food. At our family owned restaurant we are passionate about delivering these delicious authentic Turkish flavours in a great atmosphere.


Our recipes amount to years of practice and perfecting in order to get the best flavours throughout all our dishes: freshness, quality ingredients, delicately flavoured dishes, succulent meats expertly char-grilled and delicious home-baked bread. All our dishes are prepared with skill and diligence, cooked in house by our hand selected well trained and experienced chefs.

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Pide Perfection: Turkish Pizza Delights

Experience a world of Pides, often referred to as "Turkish Pizza," at Antep Kitchen. Our menu offers succulent choices like Sucuklu Pide with spicy garlic sausage, Kıymalı Pide with minced lamb, and refreshing Ispanaklı Pide with baby spinach and mushrooms. Vegetarians can indulge in our mozzarella, feta cheese, pepper, tomato, onion, and parsley-packed Vegetarian Pide, while meat lovers can savor options like Kusbaşılı Pide and Tavuklu Pide. Each Pide skillfully prepared to bring you the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine.

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A Taste of
Authentic Gaziantep Cuisine

At Antep Kitchen, we take immense pride in sharing the rich and flavorful tradition of Gaziantep cuisine with the world. With a deep-rooted passion for the authentic tastes of Turkish culture, we've meticulously honed our craft over the years, making our restaurant a true testament to the culinary treasures of Gaziantep.


Our dishes reflect the essence of Gaziantep, combining the freshest, highest-quality ingredients with skillful preparation. From mouthwatering kebabs and aromatic pides to savory lahmacun and succulent shish, our menu is a testament to our dedication to offering you a remarkable dining experience. 

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Explore the vibrant colors and mouthwatering dishes that define our menu, from sizzling kebabs to crispy Lahmacun, delectable Turkish desserts, and savory Pide creations. These images offer just a taste of the unforgettable experience that awaits you at Antep Kitchen. Come join us and immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Turkey today!"


228-230 Cowley Road,
Oxford, OX4 1UH


Monday - Saturday

12:00 - 11:00pm


01865 247 555

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